Learning, learning people, learning organisations, and culture

The impact of culture on learning

You will certainly already have found that cultural aspects play a part in the way people and organisations learn, share knowledge, think and talk about effective learning. For instance, a particular learning skill may be perceived as more valuable in one culture than in another. For example, divergence and convergence are skills on which views in Germany and France differ. We already know that empiricism is not typically French, and that it was not the Spanish who invented coaching.

A clear understanding of the basic elements of a culture, which to a certain extent influence learning by people and organisations, thus provides a valuable insight into the international situation.

To acquire or improve this understanding, we offer an all-round solution that considers ‘the impact of culture on effective learning’, in the form of either your good old-fashioned training course or dozens of other forms of learning. You have the choice between familiar and more exotic forms of learning. In addition, we also offer you, with consultation and therefore made to measure, the possibility of zooming in on the cultural aspects of your learning content and to compare your views on effective learning with other views. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding all the possibilities.