Expert assistance in navigating your way through the rough waters of cross-cultural cooperation

Cross-cultural cooperation consulting

Well-developed cross-cultural competence at individual and organisational levels can add enormous value to your cooperation model.

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Mergers & acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, etc.: the cultural thread in the story of your merger

Cultural due diligence

Our cultural due diligence gives you a picture of the people and cultures behind the figures. A picture of the presuppositions, patterns of thought and behaviour, adopted principles of organisation, and so on.

Cultural aspects of knowledge management

Accumulating knowledge is one thing, but it is another to carry it across linguistic and cultural borders and convert it into an added value for your international organisation.

The impact of culture on learning

You will certainly already have found that cultural aspects play a part in the way people and organisations learn, share knowledge, think and talk about effective learning.

Cross-cultural coaching

So, you have mastered the classic coaching techniques and now you want to coach an international or culturally mixed team?

Expatriate assessment

The most advanced pre-assignment training, the perfect country briefing, the near-native language skills, the relocation compensation – of all things – won’t guarantee the success of an assignment. There is more to expatriate assessment than that.

Strategic language management

Both organisational and individual performance, whether local or global, rely on language.