Cultural aspects of knowledge management

Cultural aspects of knowledge management

Accumulating knowledge is one thing, but it is another to carry it across linguistic and cultural borders and convert it into an added value for your international organisation.

Your views on knowledge, management and knowledge management are always conceived at a particular time and in a particular context, and are based on specific cultural foundations. After all, knowledge is not generated, acquired or ordered, let alone distributed or shared, in the same universal way everywhere. Even in this exceedingly globalised world, your views will be more ‘culturally compatible’ in one place than in another.

If your knowledge has to travel across cultural borders, an insight into the cultural factor is indispensable.

Are you convinced that your knowledge management can be made more effective if your international ‘knowledge-workers’ are made more aware of the cultural factor and its effect on such things as the generation of knowledge, models for knowledge management, implementation processes, the organisational environment, terminology management, and so on?

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