Before any intervention in your organisation, we carry out a thorough analysis of the requirements. This results in a specific plan of action that will clearly explain how and with which resources the desired cross-cultural performance can be achieved, and with it your organisation’s goals.

Depending on the analysis, the action plan may include the following activities:

  • organisational and strategic recommendations
  • individual training or group training
  • awareness-raising activities
  • individual coaching
  • guided independent study (with individual support)
  • advice on the purchase of language services (translation, localisation, interpretation, language training, study packages, etc.)
  • support for specific recruitment and/or outsourcing activities
  • supply of workplace aids
  • and a wide range of both organisational and individual learning

Each intervention is tailored exclusively to your requirements, either individually or as a team or organisation.

The way the impact and return are measured is determined in consultation with you. We are committed to obtaining results.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.